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Clean Water

Rake a Drain

Leaf raking season is here again! It’s time to rake neighborhood leaves to help keep storm drains clear.

Cozy Up to Tire Care

As we drive, tires wear down, leaving tiny bits of rubber and plastic on our roads. The chemicals in those bits are toxic to fish.
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Scoop it, Bag it, EVERY Time!

Pet waste is raw sewage. When it rains, pet waste left on the ground mixes with stormwater runoff and is carried to local lakes, streams, rivers and Puget Sound.
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Learn, have fun and help our local waters.

Hands-On Science

Roll up your sleeves and get your boots wet! Experience real hands-on science.

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Winter 2023 Newsletter

In This Issue

  • Native Plants in Winter
  • Bugs as Vital Signs
  • 6PPD Quinone is Killing Coho… But WHAT is it?
  • Comprehensive Plan Updates: What’s Your Vision for the Future?
  • Beavers in the Urban Landscape Part 4
  • Preventing Stormwater Pollution – “If You See Something, Say Something”
  • And More!

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