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Clean Water

A Clean Sweep

Put those pressure washers away! Keep contaminants from flowing into your local storm drain by sweeping driveways and sidewalks to remove dirt and debris instead of pressure washing or using a hose. Dispose of dirt and debris in the garbage.
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2024 Nature Sleuths

This winter, visit your favorite Thurston County park! Going on a Nature Sleuths adventure is easy using the GooseChase app on your tablet or smartphone. In the app, click on Nature Sleuths 2024 or search by game code LPX99X.
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Fix Leaks

Your car doesn’t just leak oil onto the street, it also leaks into Puget Sound! Oil and other fluids that leak from your vehicle are washed down the storm drain and into the nearest body of water, untreated.
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Upcoming Events

Learn, have fun and help our local waters.

Hands-On Science

Roll up your sleeves and get your boots wet! Experience real hands-on science.

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Explore with us! Lectures, workshops and volunteer events.

Spring 2024 Newsletter

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  • Oyster Seed Planting Partnership is Back!
  • The Sweet (& Safe) Smell of Spring!
  • Stream Bug Sampling in Spring
  • Water Rights: What They Are & Why They Matter
  • Work in the World of Water
  • Stormwater Samaritan Spotlight: Protecting Our Waterways
  • And More!

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