Spills Hotline

Olympia Residents: (360) 753-8333

Tumwater Residents: (360) 754-4150

Lacey Residents: (360) 491-5644

Thurston County Residents: (360) 867-2099

Thank you for doing your part!

Only Rain Down the Stormdrain

Spills can be a threat to human health and safety and cause costly damage to our stormwater infrastructure. When pollutants reach local waterways, it harms people, aquatic habitat and wildlife like salmon, Orca and amphibians.

Report Spills

You can help prevent water pollution when you report a spill.  Pollutants enter our local waterways and Puget Sound when rain washes spilled oil, soap, paint, sediment, yard or automotive chemicals down the stormdrain.  Quick reporting of spills goes a long way to keep our local waterways healthy and safe. Call our spills hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you see:

  • Dumping of oil, paint, chemicals, garbage, RV fluids or other waste
  • Muddy construction site runoff
  • Oily sheens or colored liquids
  • Soapy suds
  • Gasoline
  • Sewage