The Purple Martins are Here!

From April to September, purple martins can be found at their nesting boxes on the pilings at the end of East Bay near Olympia Ave NE and Marine Drive (across from the Hands On Children’s Museum). Migrating to the Pacific Northwest and up into Canada from as far away as the Amazon River and southern Brazil, purple martins return to their summer home-sites delighting us with their aerial acrobatic flights.

Interested in monitoring purple martins?
From April to September, volunteers monitor the purple martin nest boxes weekly at East Bay in downtown Olympia. No experience necessary. For more information,contact Michelle at

Check out these videos to see the purple martins in action and to learn more about these magnificent creatures!


An Introduction to Purple Martins

Purple Martins Competing for the Perfect Nesting Box

Purple Martins Waiting to be Fed (July 2020)

Purple Martin Bringing a Dragonfly to Its Young

For some short video clips, visit the Purple Martin Video Playlist on YouTube.