Stop and Scoop!

Don’t let your pooch pollute. A single gram of dog poop, about the size of a pea, contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. That’s almost twice the amount in human waste.

Bag It and Trash It to Prevent Disease

Dog poop is raw sewage that contains a multitude of parasites and bacteria, which can make people sick. Kids are most susceptible to disease caused by touching soil contaminated by pet waste.

Pet waste contains phosphorous and nitrogen—pollutants carried by stormwater runoff that contaminate surface waters in urban areas. The pet waste pollutants cause algae growth, reduce water clarity, deplete oxygen and create a bad odor. Once in our rivers, lakes and streams, the bacteria and pathogens end up in fish and other aquatic life. This pollution also can contribute to lake and beach closures.

Prevent disease in our streams, drinking water and our children: SCOOP IT, BAG IT and TRASH IT every time!


Free Materials Make Cleanup Easier

Stream Team offers two giveaways to help you be a good neighbor and scoop the poop.

Personal-sized Bag Dispenser

Carry your own bag dispenser on your dog’s leash or in your pocket. Pick one up at Customer Service or Public Works counters at the city hall buildings for the cities of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater, and at the Thurston County Community Planning office at 929 Lakeridge Drive SW.

Pet waste station in Olympia

Refill bags are available at local pet stores.

Pet Waste Pickup Stations

Each pet waste station consists of a durable plastic dispenser and sign, along with a free set of bags. Pet waste stations are available for free to homeowners’ associations, neighborhood associations, multifamily housing complexes and other approved community areas.

To find out about eligibility and guidelines for the pet waste pickup stations, contact the staff listed below in the jurisdiction where you live and/or where the station will be located:

City of Lacey
(city limits):
City of Olympia (city limits):
City of Tumwater (city limits):
Thurston County (unincorporated):

Pet waste station in Lacey, Tumwater and Thurston County