Salamanders, snakes and salmon, oh my! Learn about Washington’s wildlife, the importance of different species and how our actions can affect them.

Adaptive Weasel

Anna’s Hummingbird

Barred Owl

Beaver: A Restoration Tool for Streams and Salmon

Beaver Engineer

Beavers in the Urban Landscape Part 1

Beavers in the Urban Landscape Part 2

Beavers in the Urban Landscape Part 3

Beavers in the Urban Landscape Part 4

Bee Friendly To Your Yard

Benthic MacroInvertebrates: Connect the Dots

Boston Harbor Marina Pamphlet

Bugs as Vital Signs

Burfoot Beach Pamphlet

Chum Salmon: A Hero’s Journey

Common Loon

Cougar (Puma Concolor)

Crab Team Update on the Invasive European Green Crab

Create Backyard Habitat


Flying Squirrel

Forage Fish 101

Fresh Water Mussells

Garter Snakes

Get Rid of Weeds but Protect the Bees

Keep Hitch Hikers Off Boots

Meet Puddles-The Invasive Mussels Detective!

Migrating Dragonflies

Monitoring Indian Creek

The Mystery of Pre-Spawn Mortality

Threat to Native Wetlands

Old World Rats: An Unpopular “Guest”


Oregon Spotted Frog

Oysters…Nature’s Water Filter

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